Our body is a detoxing, cleansing and excess weight losing efficient machine. That is what it is designed to do.


When our body is out of balance, everything in our lives is affected – physical health, relationships, energy levels, weight, job efficiency, the way we manage stress and how we feel about ourselves.

Our society is bombarded with the latest designer diet every day. There are so many ways to approach the topic of healthy eating: multi-vitamins, probiotics, fiber, etc. But are all these supplements and foods appropriate for your body? What does your body really need?
A holistic philosophy, like the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) approach to nutrition, would be to listen to what your body is asking for and not to subscribe to advertisements or trendy diets. Eat what YOU need. But how do you know the difference in what you need and what you crave?

There are many unique body types according to traditional Chinese medicine. This isn’t the same as eating right for your blood type (possibly another trend). Simply put, what may be healthy for your friend may not really be the best nutrition for your body or your digestion.
So, how can you find out what your body type is? Do you run cold or hot? Do you have a tendency towards constipation or loose stools? Are you overweight or underweight? These are a few of the factors in defining your unique body type or constitution.

What foods do I need?
How I find out what types of foods are best for you? Through a comprehensive medical history questionnaire, and tongue and pulse diagnosis, Michele a Chinese medical practitioner determines the differentiation pattern of each person to make a unique treatment plan and dietary recommendations. Depending on the diagnosis, she can suggest foods based on the treatment for these patterns.

She also addresses seasonal and environmental connections according the
philosophy, organ systems, disease syndromes, and recommendations for chronic imbalances.

Michele will assess you to deliver a personalized plan including the following:

Using food as medicine
Understanding the energetic properties of food
Learning energy anatomy according to traditional Chinese medicine
Planning healthy meals
Learning proper food preparation and cooking techniques
Selecting more high-quality food
Avoiding poor food combinations
Help you in Acquiring nutritious recipes
Enhancing your lifestyle with the right choices